Full Color LED Light for R/C Planes

   Microchip PIC12F675

As shown in Elektor 07/2009:

I have 4 completely assembled boards including 2 ultra bright LEDs left. If you like to buy one (or more) for just 29€ (excl. shipping) please do not hesitate to contact me.
The following circuit allows the control of full color LEDs (for example to illuminate an RC controlled aeroplane at night) depending on the stick position of the remote control (left: -100%, right: +100%):

The circuit has a mode button that can be pressed to select between 3 available modes:
  • blue to red
  • green to red
  • Color change (speed depending on stick position)

The completely assembled PCB. The two small boards contain an ultrabright full color LED (as shown above) with corresponding resistors.